Modern Astronomy: A Religious Venture

by Liam

Share it if you dare it. This is what drives the new Flat Earthers. They’re entirely wrong in 1,000 demonstrable ways – but they’re right about one thing: NASA is a cult.

1927: Priest Georges LeMaitre invents “Big Bang” story. “God laid an egg” becomes center of NASA and Astro-think.

1930s-60s: Though the universe is electric-magnetic plasma, the “Big Bang” model doesn’t accomodate reality, and Physicists have to invent invisible energy sources to explain … everything.

“Dark matter, dark energy, black holes, white holes” are all trotted out to fill in the holes left by Big Bang religion.

1970s and beyond: Astrophysicists stop looking through telescopes at what they actually see and instead try to develop a religious “theory of everything.” (It never works out.)

2012: “God” particle “found.” (But of course, nothing was found, and the infighting soon began about the lack of evidence.)

2016: “Black holes heard touching” is the claim of the religious Astronomers. Of course, it will be retracted soon enough. (They’ll need “more funding” to deal with “anomalies.”)

Moral of the story: The Old Testament Rules SCIENCE. Ain’t that a shame?

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  1. They’ll need more “funding” to deal with “anomalies”… ;-]
    Funny. But a simple statement that actually can uncover a WHOLE psychology/POV…as it were.

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