An Open Letter to Electric Universe Community and Leaders

Or, Can We Be Interesting AND Useful?

To Whom It Concerns….

I Love the EU concepts and work. I’ve written about it, talked about it, done radio about it, my book is partly about it. It’s a big part of my work and worldly concepts, and was before I heard of EU (because of my macrobiotic/energetic training).

Now the “but.”

Is there any work being done on anything immediately practical like:

1. Energy. We’re in a world-wide oil drainage system, and it’s not going to be put back. For all the lovely stuff I’ve read over 8 years of interacting with the EU, I’ve occasionally seen a hint of an idea of better energy from electrical fusion models, but never seen anything concrete… Peak oil is the idea that we built this long 20th Century on what was cheap and energy dense. We’re also running low, back to coal, and with 7+billion people, we don’t have the infrastructure to run a world that way…

2. Fukushima. Or, nuclear waste. See above. Huge problem. I’ve occasionally seen EU musings about the possibility of managing decaying nuclear cores electrically… but anybody actually doing anything for it?

I’d be grateful for your responses.

These to me are the most important issues of the day. Saturn cosmology is damned interesting – but it won’t stop oil run down. Can EU make some room for practical solutions to today’s problems?

Liam Scheff

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  1. Hi Liam
    I just came across one of your videos about “dark matter” and how NASA lies and so forth, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been following the Electric Universe theory websites, fb groups and videos for about two years now and there is a lot of great stuff there. Yes, it would be great if there was more research into alternative energy. The biggest problem they have of coarse is funding for big projects such as that. One project that seems most promising is the Safire Project. Are you familiar with it? They have built a small scale “Sun” in a plasma chamber and are studying it. They are learning a lot from this very important study including observing observing fusion. Understanding how our electric Sun works is a huge deal as far as how the universe actually works. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Suspicious 0bserver, Ben Davidson reports on the Sun’s activities and how it relates to Earth’s weather and is soon going to publish a disaster prediction application that will send out warnings for Earthquakes, storms etc. You may already know about all this but I thought I would point this out to you anyway. It is really hard for them to get and keep researchers and scientists because mainstream makes it really hard for them in so many ways.

    Anyway, I appreciate what you are doing and saying. There is a lot of bullshit in this world that needs to be talked aboutin a direct and logical way and I see you doing it. I look forward to looking into more of your work. Thank you!

    • Absolutely! Yes, I know Safire – immensely excited for their results. Thanks for watching the vid – I did another about starwater, and yes, admiring Ben Davidson’s work, no doubt!

      I’ve been writing about EU for maybe 7 years, it’s the 9th chapter of my book (linked all over the site). Click the ‘research’ tab and click astronomy for some of the articles…

      EU is fun and wow.. does it connect the sciences, arts, anthropology, spiritual, zodiacal, Tao, Egyptian, Greek myth – and brings astronomy back to the eyes, and off the computer calculator.

      Thanks for the hello!

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