That First Kiss

Is it possible to keep a relationship exciting and romantic for decades? The answer, according to the self-help shelf, is probably not (but they’ll tell you to buy their books anyway). Or, perhaps yes – if you’re willing to take a deeper look at what it is to be a human being.

Our rigid post-Victorian fabled but not lived monogamy both supports stability and makes us extremely dishonest – and unstable. It gets in the way of our desire to flirt and be open, and gives us stability and family in return. Accompanying that is the threat of total failure ending in divorce…

I’ll offer a solution to the problem.


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  1. How did you get to be so wise, so young? I appreciate your perspectives Liam. Very refreshing. I have felt the same way for a very long time. Since seeing the book Open Marriage on my mother’s bookshelf as a young woman. My current (and only) marriage was predicated on this notion that freedom, above all, is the most important thing. If you and I don’t feel free within the context of being in relationship and married to each other, then it’s not good. Thank you. So glad to have met you today. I look forward to more.

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