The God You Actually Worship

The God You Actually Worship

Humans are a species of mammal infected by a virus. We can’t see it, but it runs riot through our thinking. It causes us to be willfully blind to the hard realities of a hard world; and to daydream and fantasize instead of to assess and plan.

We have the big “H” virus – HOPE. And it’s going to break us in ways we refuse to consider. Instead, we blindly worship our God….but not the god you imagine.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Jewish, in the western world, you worship the god that makes all things. Oil is your GOD, but you don’t see it, as it’s disguised in color, plastic, motion, metal and food.

You may even be so delusional as to believe that this god will never fail; that we can have as much of it as we want and that what we use will be magically replenished like in a child’s candy-land fantasy.

But worse, we are so infected with the HOPE virus that we believe that when this god falters and dies, we’ll still be able to live exactly as we do now – in magical medieval free energy vehicles, powered by water and air – such is our fantasy.

In this video, I’ll help you cure yourself of the infection.


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