I’ve been very good at digging deep and revealing the problems; the lies and fictions that parade as sainted institutions in our world. It’s good to be able to do that work of critical thinking.

That said, I’m 45, and I want to start thinking very hard about solutions. Not “solutions” that kid us into thinking we get to keep our 24/7/365 motoring society at current speeds; but solutions to how we can stay alive, stay civil, stay loving, keep our spirituality from spilling over into too much religious fear, and keep our science from spilling over into too much cold reductionism or “hopeful” and wildly unrealistic fantasy.

When I often say and write: grow food! I mean it with all my heart and soul. I don’t know a better pastime for we small human mammals than the interaction with the earth, the local environment, with plants and animals, that brings us enough sustenance to go through our days with some love and kindness in our hearts.

I don’t know what the rest is for – all the speed, the cars, the planes, the noise, rattle and traffic. I feel we’re going so fast, speeding along our own obsolescence. Not just running to stand still – but running to go backwards, slide backwards into the gnawing mouth of history’s pile of those who didn’t manage their resources with any mind at all… and just chewed through it like so many hungry dogs, without a thought for tomorrow.

I’ll be shifting a little, to try to show you what you can do – if you’re one of us – those who want to live in a slower world. I won’t pretend that I haven’t disagreed with the major authorities of our time; I’m just out of energy to try to change people’s minds about – well – thinking critically about the stories we’ve been told.

The most important thing in the world is the seed which you nurture and feed and water so it becomes a plant. I’ve never had a better day than those when I was working in the garden. I’ve never had a better Christmas than any day the garden gave handfuls of green and red life to me, in the form of beautiful things to eat. I’ve never liked being alive more than when down on my haunches, face close to the soil, staring closely at the world within.

I hope to share more of this as I go forward.

– L



  1. Please do!

    I can’t keep from reading this over and over again!

    Thank you Liam!

  2. We need more people like you, my goal is totally get off money, and one day make the rich people realize this, so when they want to give away money, no one will take it… and left stuck with it for everyone to heckle…

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