My Mystery Illness

Yes, I’m quite ill with what might be an auto-immune problem; I’ll tell you how I got there, who I pray to, and what’s happened so far. Thanks to friends and supporters for the love and generosity you’ve shown me. My heart is very touched and grateful to you (despite my always slightly prickly east coast joker’s demeanor.) On the inside, it’s all tears of love.

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For those of you doing armchair analysis, the strong symptoms are (for 6 weeks), a kind of rotating and sometimes all at once presentation of: Dizzy/ wobbly headedness (a wobbly perception) accompanied by nausea that stems mostly from the left side of my head/neck (where the most dental trauma was – now a couple months past); neuropathy, tingling, tightening, ‘banding’ around hands, lower legs, and neuropathy in other parts of the body; it has crept into strong spasms in the chest/back/internal muscles, strong and really upsetting – but that most invasive type of spasm seems to be reduced by large amounts of magnesium…

Later afternoons seem to be my better time of day. What’s depressing is to wake up after a decent afternoon and not terrible evening of symptoms, to the same stuff as before.. creeping, dizzy, nauseous, tingling, banding, wobbly, spasming hands… with no real relief for lying down, but nothing else to do.

Yes I get sun, Yes I take Magnesium, Yes, I take B12 methylated, yes, I have been for some time. I’ve taken most other vitamin/minerals (D, K, calcium, etc, etc) over this period too. Mag and B12 are the only ones I really worry about anymore. I eat a varied diet. I’m trying to see if some foods cause problems more than others; but it’s been really hard to see a difference. It’s not consistent…

No, I don’t take pharma drugs, antibiotics, etc. But I had those 40-50 dental injections over 3 months. My tooth fillings are the white resin type. There is some ‘bioglass’ or something on a couple of the pulp exposures. My teeth aren’t in pain any more regularly unless on one or two of them I put a lot of pressure and eat something hard.

So, you can start your guessing along with me: toxins from dentistr…45 or so lidocain/procain injections in 3 months, a couple “pinpoint pulp” exposures, a lot lot lot lot of trauma, a few weeks of nonstop pain from fillings that weren’t fit correctly — but during all of that, while there was pain and more pain – this occurred near the end, past the point of more active dental work.

Toxic reaction to materials? So, why didn’t it start earlier. Or, something at the end? Or, or, or…

Many guesses. I’ll see the naturopaths this week and add more to what I’ve been doing.

But truth is – this is a persistent fucking thing that comes back day after day, some very bad days, some lighter moments.



  1. Hi Liam,

    Since you think it might be auto immune related I wondered if you’ve tried Bromalne – A protein digesting enzyme found in Pineapple. It can help reduce chronic and acute inflammation. Also I read online where it can help reduce inflammation after dental surgery. Maybe there’s some kind of underlined inflammation caused by the dentist. I know you said that already but like they say maybe the dentist hit a nerve or in your case a few. After reading and hearing you on your video how everything went down with this dentist, in my eyes I think I would not want to call her a dentist let alone a doctor.

    You might want to try more anti-inflammatory things like Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 and Turmeric which you’ve mentioned using before.

    I’m sure you knew all this already. It’s just I’m always looking since my child was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. After 4 years I’m still new at it. But we think the organic, NON GMO, non processed diet has made a huge difference…..he’s now in remission.

    I wish I could financially help you out but after what our health insurance pays and after asking St. Vincent hospital for financial assistance ( which helped a lot) we’re still making payments to St. Vincent hospital. Maybe Providence has some kind of financial aid to help with the MRI bill.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Liam
    I enjoyed official stories.
    I’m 46 and always thought my health was invincible, but this year changed that.
    Anyway Ive gone from eating well, but drinking six double espresso’s a day and other vices to the
    Nothing about the diet had me believing, but its pulling me out of a big lonely desperate hole.
    My interpretation of it is, our digestive system gets abused, stops working, and goes into reaction with almost everything, but its what we need the most to keep our bodies going. So we need to heal it.
    The diet is like going back to baby food in away.

    For me I also have to stay away from anything fermented, any yeasts, moulds etc.

    I feel for you.

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