Blame The Jews

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by Liam

Whenever a world crisis emerges, one group is always to blame, at least on Facebook. We know them as the bagel-loving, Kosher-keeping, mostly secular and well-educated bunch of nudniks we both affectionately and spitefully call “The Jews.”

We love the Jews, their self-deprecating humor, their film-making finesse, their raising of Chinese food to an American holiday staple. And yet…we hate them. We blame the Jews for every banking scandal, every bit of Hollywood claptrap, and every war. Here is a mild response to that stream of thought….

The Reason for the Season

There is a subtle irritation caused by Judaism in the minds of many Christians (not all, probably not most, but the blisteringly loud ones). In fact, some significant portion of Christians (and Arabs) hate Jews and Judaism.

The reason is hidden in plain sight. It’s because they hate that they are not so secretly very Jewish, and totally dependent on ancient tribal Hebrew law and custom for their “modern” Christianity.

Many Christians do not know that their religion is a carbon copy of Judaism – but it is. The “Old Testament” is the Jewish Torah. The Old Testament so vastly outweighs the “New” that the Jesus stories can rightfully be considered a post-script on ancient Hebrew messianic mythology.

Christianity is Judaism 2.0. It’s all of Judaism, plus a dubious sequel about a super-Jew who could do the same magic as the other Jewish ‘prophets’ and ‘messiahs’ in the collected book of Hebrew Mythology and misremembered religion called “The Torah.”

No, Jesus (I mean “Ishu or Joshua or Yeshua) wasn’t the first to make a little food into a lot of food, raise the dead, heal the sick from their herpes and leprosy, skip on water, call a whirlwind, calm a storm, or even be nailed to a tree or a cross and die and go to the heavens only to be reborn. All of these superhero powers are old hat in the mythologies and fables of the world.

Why? Because superheroes represent both the pain – and the wished for, imagined miraculous solutions – of their time. (Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, the Hulk, Wonder Woman – all examples of what we wish we could do in the face of overwhelming odds. You really think the ancient mind is different than the modern? Think again.)

But Christianity hates this, as a rule. Thus, from Justin and Eusebius to the skinheads of today, Christianity has sought to (literally) burn its pagan and Jewish past and claim some sort of originality.

Christians burned libraries, destroyed icons, remade Isis into Mary and Horus into Jesus, clipped Sophia and Ashera from their book, turned “Gods” into “God,” and then turned angry bitter YHWH into nice (sort of, but not really) “Jesus” (that’s “Eashoa'” or “Yehoshua” in the old world – meaning “God saves.” A real figure or an invention of piety drawn from a conflagration of competing evangelicals?).

And as any fraud and impostor will do, they must blame someone to distract from their theft and dishonesty – so they roundly point the finger at the lady who happens to be their mother — mother Judaism. Or, maybe father, as ancient Judaism isn’t too big on goddesses or women’s rights.

Jewish Un-History

But none of this means that Christianity is rotten and Judaism is truthful and sacred.

Oh no, Judaism is fucked up in a thousand ways – just like every other institution, government, and religion. For example, there was no Passover because there was no Exodusnot in history or archeology. No enslavement in Egypt. No parting of the Red Sea. No wandering in the desert.

Oh, it’s there in the children’s coloring books in Sunday school… but it’s not there in the blood, sweat and tears (and decades) of history and archeology. It’s not in any records of any people anywhere who were writing copiously at the time about every detail of the Mediterranean world.

It’s only in that rewritten book of Hebrew myth and fable that can’t get dates right and doesn’t really try. And why should it? It was a founding fable – a mythos – for a set of tribes living in the shit end of the Mediterranean, trying to survive constant onslaught by powerful and successful empires: Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman – who all kicked Jewish ass. The Jews never had a chance – so wrote their “history” to make themselves sound…well… really, really self-important.

Schoolyard psychology sees this everyday. A bullied kid has illusions of flying into the schoolyard, supercharged with Superman’s powers. Does it happen? Of course not. He takes his beating and goes on to college, where he learns that smart is more impressive to most women than being a bullying asshole.

And that, in a nutshell, is the basis of a world religion and is believed by billions (because Christians believe it, too). Islam, by the way, is a spin-off of Judaism in the age of Christianity. Prophet, mountain, “truth” received from on high. Warfare to cement the “faith.” Obedience to power.

It tells us something about the myth-making habits of human beings.

But We’re The Chosen People!

That lack of historical backing for the Torah (the Old Testament) should be a big blow to Jewish identity, but nobody cares about reality, they care about Tradition! Tradition!

To recap: there was no historical Moses, and no historical patriarchs, and most Hebrew myths come from Babylon (Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim, Sargon, Hammurabi = Angry gods destroying the world in a flood, Noah and Moses). And most Christian traditions come from Egypt (circumcision, holy mother-child worship, a love of slavery, bureaucracy, and working people to death.)

And, sure, Jews piss people off by calling themselves ‘the chosen people.’ But all tribal people call themselves “the people, the true people, the human beings,” while all others are “the other” or “the non-people.” See? We’re tribal. Nike and Adidas. PC and Mac. We’ll tribalize over any and everything, given the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Christianity has committed endless rape and pillage of the world under the cloak of ‘conversion to Jesus-land,’ fought world wars against Christian nations, raped the planet for Disneyland, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Raytheon warfare machines. (Lots of Christian good ol’ boys riding bombs over “the yellow man” and dropping depleted uranium on Iraqi children, whose blood we put in our SUVs.)

So…. religion is a bunch of heinous bullshit, covering a few strands of actual spiritual seeking.

You want spirituality, go east. You want mind and population control, head to a religion.

Are there nice Christians? Are there nice Muslims? Are there loving and kind people of all denominations?

You bet your fuzzy bottom there are. But there are also scoundrels, rakes and pathological narcissists who hide behind institutional identity, claiming goodness by claiming Jesus, or Allah, or I suppose, rights to the “Holy Land.”

Don’t Give Me That Do-Goody-Good Bullshit

Jews are often blamed for managing all world banks. This comes from a misunderstanding – and intentional or unintentional misrepresentation of history.

First, let’s go to Wall Street. You’ll find many Jesus-believing, genuflecting humonkeys screaming at the top of their lungs to buy and sell. No Judaism in sight. Just greed and stupidity at the rape of resources to build more plastic shit for Black Friday sales.

Now, to the evil, evil bank of record: the Rothschilds.

You’d have to put in the time to do a tiny bit of reading to realize that this bank was once an antiques dealership in the most hideous ghetto in Europe. The Frankfurt ghetto, hemmed in by gates, Jews imprisoned inside of a city, suffering fires that burned many to death on several occasions, unable to leave the locked slums within the city.

Jewish hatred by Christians is as old as…well… the Roman Imperial machine adopting this single-triple god as a means of managing its increasingly poor citizenry into feudalism by bowing to the image of a murdered martyr who promised better days….if you just ate enough dung in this life. (And life is tough, make no bones about it.)

So, in that Horatio Alger sense of ‘can-do Americana,’ it was a fucking miracle of industriousness by Mayer Amschel and son Nathan Meyer to turn a rare coin and antiques business into a long-distance money-trading shop. One that grew in stature. Why? Because they were liars and thieves?

No… it was due to their trustworthiness and absolute dependability in following through with deals. If they hadn’t been absolutely trustworthy in their financial dealings, they wouldn’t have become the bankrollers of empires. Which is what they did become. Which is why people hate the Rothschilds.

The money holding and trading business grew to the point of funding the British Empire, which was flagging and failing. The Rothschild banks held Europe together, for good or ill, and allowed it to survive two world wars.

Of course, being right scoundrels in funding warfare, in the end, the Rothschild banks made money on either side of the European dividing lines. For or against Napoleon? Didn’t matter, the loans and bets were made on either side. This is the practice of all banks, everywhere, all the time. Whatever their state of circumcision.

And all really rich people lose touch with certain realities, (whatever their state of circumcision), so you can bet that the inheritors of the fortune aren’t the brightest bulbs on the wall.

The Sin of Usury, aka “Interest”

I once got into an argument – and lost a friendship – with an otherwise brilliantly smart woman who wrinkled her nose at the word “usury.” “Who does that?” She asked, expecting me to nod in feverish agreement. “Well, how about everybody on earth?” is the answer she didn’t want to hear.

Money corrupts, but banking is universal. Jews are often blamed for “inventing” the charge of interest on loans. This is absolute and utter tosh. Christians charge interest. Asian warlords charged interest. The Mongol Horde charged protection fees. The Romans charged taxes on subjugated states to insure that they’d be allowed to live under the “Pax Romana.” (The “Roman Peace” had a price. The Sicilian – and every other mafia – learned the tactic well).

When any tribe or group “forbade” interest (usury), they found another way to collect extra money for making the loan. They called it a “fee” or money held for the “trust” of the exchange. It often increased over the time it took to repay – or not repay – the loan. This wasn’t a “Jewish thing.” This is a human thing.

Medieval Christians felt that lending and borrowing money was somehow prohibited by their big book of stolen Hebrew fables – so they leaned on their mother religion – Judaism and its less-restrictive lending system – to fund their wars, and build their big cathedrals and castles. Then they blamed Jews for charging interest, kicked them out of England and other parts of Europe – and then Christians did it themselves. Set up banks, or moveable money lenders, all blessed and sanctified by the purple pontiff in Rome (or Avignon), depending on the year and the Pope.

In no time, Christianity developed means to get around this and began trading, and charging “trading fees” – in all venues.

Even the Arabs, who don’t believe in charging “interest,” charge interest. They just have another name for it. But they collect extra money for giving money. (Some Muslims, who believe you can have 4 wives, and get 72 nice girls to screw in heaven, also can contract to have “hourly wives,” just as Americans screw their non-wives at holiday parties, in bars and “what happens in Vegas” events.)


Religion Versus Spirituality

Religion is a means of managing overwhelmed people, small minds, and those easily frightened by ruler-wielding nuns.  Spiritual seekers tend to avoid strict religious doctrine, because it’s a trap. It’s a means of managing your mind and keeping it locked in a position of pointed control and opposition against “the other.”

(And if you really don’t understand what I’m saying, then congratulations. You’ve fallen for the trap.)

Hooray for Hollyweird

It’s often said that Jews control the media. It’s a fact that many Jews are writers and producers in Hollywood. So, there’s some truth in the slander. But if it’s so, then why does Hollywood always cater to happy Christian endings of absolute fables? Why does every fucking SUPERMAN movie have him act like JESUS, hold his arms out like he’s nailed to two pieces of wood, and then die (and come back to life) because HE LOVES US, even being the STUPID LESSER SPECIES that we are?

And why do Jews 2.0 (Christians) lap up this shit like dogs licking liver paté off of ritz crackers?


Hate the Jews? Why not just abandon religion altogether and try being polytheistic? Pagan? Nature-worshiping? (Oh, can’t do that! We have to rape and murder nature to make more plastic shit to sell or we’re un-American!!)

You want someone or some group to blame, well, I have seen the enemy: And it is us. All of us.

Why? Why? Tell them that it’s human nature. Because it is.

A Tribal Dummkoff

We’re a species. Religion masks that. We grew up in tribes, we still think in tribes. When shit goes bad, we blame a tribe. Nothing new here.

Let’s review:

Hey, it’s just like 1486! Christians burned tens of thousands of… yes, Christians! Because… well…why not! It’s the Hammer of the Witches! Learn how to kill your fellow Christians! Satan .. I mean… Christ compels you!

Hey, it’s just like every other year ever! Not the first time, and not the last.

As the Yugas tell us: All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again. Time is a spiral, not an arrow. And sometimes, a really wonderful spiral that pretends to be an arrow.

Get it? We’re really Hindu. Toldja so.

Oh, I’m feeling better now. Thanks for listening.

Religions of Peace

And if this is all too much for your fevered, cheese-stuffed, programmed brain to savvy, then…

Good news! No religion has ever been a force for evil and violent control of human beings!

Good news! Nobody but whites has ever indulged in imperial war!

Good news! Nobody but Jews and Christians and Muslims were ever violent!

Doesn’t Play Well With Others

Did I mention that history is a report card for a species? And that we gt a D-? Yes, we suck. We’ve always sucked. We’re a malevolent, narcissistic asshole of a mammal. Like most mammals, we are violent and we’re vicious and cruel. We kill to eat. We minimize and diminish each other’s needs, wants, desires and feelings, because we’re selfish bastards. We hurt each other and smile – as long as we’re separated from compassion. (And if you want to take that lesson from Christianity – TO BE COMPASSIONATE – then please do.)

We also love each other, support and nurture each other, and keep each other alive.

But we tend to do that in tribes. In pre-defined groups whose rules and fables you must say you believe. Or you’re out. (You don’t have to truly believe, you just have to mouth the words and eat the wafer.)

We’re a tribal mammal. Tribes tend to be small. This presented a problem for growing urban populations that often fought internally along the lines of those tribal differences.

Christianity was an attempt to “retribalize” all of Europe, then the world, under one sun god, stolen from the many sun gods that came before, who died and were resurrected (as the sun dies and is reborn daily).

Now think about it: we worship a man brutally nailed to two pieces of wood with a bleeding gash in his side who is being murdered.

What does this tell you about the human species?

Somedays, I can’t wait to leave this shithole of a planet.

Others, I enjoy the beauty.

Today, I have a hemorrhoid, probably from the shit drugs I have to take because I was brain murdered by a dentist… so am more on the former.

Good luck with the ‘blaming the jews’ for everything.

Once again:

We’re a species of mammal. You know us by our historical report card. Don’t mistake the present for “modernity.” The present is the past just waiting for tomorrow for us to have the guts to see it clearly.

Best of luck. We’ll all need it.



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  1. .” It’s a means of managing your mind and keeping it locked in a position of pointed control and opposition against “the other.”…fabulous…once again liam..with history lessons and blatant truths from the heart and mind…THANK YOU for all your wisdom and great one liners…in my thoughts…soo wanted you are a wonderful sage..heartfelt hugs to you.

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