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Philosophy: Before there is anything and beneath everything – is mystery. As soon as you name it, you lose it. As soon as you define it, it disappears. The reality: we can’t know the eternal; we can only live in a system of the gentlest ethics: Be kind to others, try to do no harm to people and the world.

This is the multi-media website of Liam Scheff, philosopher, author, journalist, artist, irreverent and thought-provoking speaker on the contemporary myths of oil, energy, sex, religion, science, politics and culture.

American Heretic: I don’t tend to believe any of the official stories we’ve been fed; either in religion, science or history. Non Credo – I don’t “believe” without looking and testing. You have to dig deep to know what might be true, and even then, you’ll be lucky to hold the trail. I trust instinct, deep consideration and logic. I trust that the universe is alive but that the infinite cannot be named. I trust that people can get along if they give themselves permission to do so.

Official Stories

Liam is author of the amusing and highly-praised “Official Stories,” a reverse-textbook for all the myths we were taught in school (because “official stories exist to protect officials”). And stay tuned for Official Stories 2: American Heretic, coming spring 2016.

As a journalist, Liam has broken national stories of pharmaceutical badness, been published widely in print and on the web, and has worked on and been featured in films that have not yet been banned by the state censors. To his credit, he’s also been libeled on the front page of the New York Times (see Ch.6 of his book “Official Stories”).

Find him on the web in print, on radio and in performance on TruthFrequencyRadio, UCY.tv, liamscheff.com, the FBI social network (facebook), Health Conspiracy Radio, Out of the Bag (on People’s Internet Radio), and on the Robert Scott Bell show. Join Liam on a journey of unraveling the myths and inherited ideas that create our culture.

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The Liam Scheff show: Please join me as I deconstruct man and mind-made societal constructions, from religion to science, from “Official Stories” to “The Oil Alarm,” mapping the course of Imperial America all the way to our coming, radioactive, Glyphosate-soaked new Dark Ages. Along the way, I’ll ponder permaculture and a more communal, functional way to live…

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Wednesdays 9-11PM (EST) on UCY.tv and Fridays 5-7 (EST) on TruthFrequency  Archives at UCY (lower left on the page).

Radio Journalism and Interviews

The Oil Alarm

We’re at the top of a decades-long slide down into either a neo-Victorian era of lower energy production and consumption, lowered population, and a re-localized way of life; or, we’re at the edge of a cliff that drops down into a more radioactive Middle or Dark Ages. (And it’s probably a lot of both, depending on where you are and your local available resources). Liam is one of the very few writers/thinkers on the web pulling in the threads of oil, water, farmland and natural resources into the political, social and cultural analysis of news. You’ll see forecasts here like nowhere else, and you’ll be prepared to think more deeply – and historically – than on other news or information websites.

Liam’s video project, The Oil Alarm,takes on the above scenario in an easy-to-understand street level shorthand, so you can get caught up with our current turmoil, and plan where you’d like to be in a changing age.

Download The Oil Alarm HERE.   The download is free. Show it at your school, community center, church, home or workplace. Donate to support the work here.

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Official Stories, The Book

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Liam has been a featured speaker at:

  • GMO-Free Florida/March Against Monsanto
  • The Power to Heal Event, Florida
  • Cannabis U.Florida
  • Brainstorm 2014
  • The Association of Natural Health Conference
  • The Health Freedom Expos
  • Dr. Buttar’s Advanced Medicine Seminar
  • The Gerson Clinic (U.S.)
  • Autism One
  • The Washington Center for Politics and Journalism
  • Sonoma State University (“Projected Censored”)
  • and others…

…and given educational-seminars and classes in New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, Washington D.C., Ft. Lauderdale, Fairfield (IA) (and more). Book him for an unforgettable, information-packed and laugh-friendly talk on the myths of modern science, medicine and a deep look under the rocks of contemporary culture. Liam’s talks will shake you up, make you laugh, challenge your beliefs and bring you to exciting new levels of understanding.

If you would like to book him for a video-skype lecture for your classroom or group, a radio or television interview, or a live lecture at your location, contact Liam through this website, or through his FBI social network page.

  • Scheff’s Paradox of Science: “The less plausible or logical a scientific idea, the more funding it will require.”
  • Scheff’s Calculus of Conspiracy: “The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is interchangeable with ‘non-disclosure agreement.'”
  • Scheff’s Scientific Solution: “The cure will not be peer-reviewed.”
  • Scheff’s Summary of Human Behavior: “We’re a tool-making, story-telling, myth-making spirit monkey. Most modern science, after removing its veneer of questionable math, is a religion in disguise.”
  • Scheff’s Question to the Graduating Class: “Why do we believe what we do? Why do we accept some stories as true when the details so obviously contradict the headlines?”

Truth About Love

In the new novel by Liam Scheff, “The Truth About Love,” you’re invited into a world that you’ll immediately recognize. In this fictionalized but semi-autobiographical account, we discover that true romance does not require exotic vacations, expensive hotel rooms, or movie-star looks or lines. It occurs without warning, at work, in cars and subways, in elevators and on bridges, at bars and parties, in apartments and on walks and talks with friends and lovers.

Gardening: Liam has been growing food in backyard gardens since 2008; he started in the Boston area with a large, productive, five bed garden in a medium sized backyard. He has been studying and integrating permaculture methods since 2013; he’s worked with volunteer permaculture projects in North and South Florida, and is in process of building backyard, raised bed and permaculture (hugel) gardens for clients across the United States. Follow his activities or contact him about working with you by contacting him here or through facebook.


My journalism focuses on reporting on our cultural transition from the age of cheap, abundant oil to what follows – a transition backward to an energy level on par with the 19th or 18th Century. I’ve always written about what is hidden from public view (or hidden in plain sight) in politics, science, medicine, history, sexuality and contemporary concepts of culture.

I once spent my time digging into the well-documented, but often suppressed histories that conspire to create the world we live in. But, we’ve blown it up. Dug nuclear graves around the globe, sprayed the fields with Monsanto-wax, and we’re waiting to reap that whirlwind.

Solutions? Hemp, Garden, Permaculture. If it sounds simplistic – I invite you to tune in, turn on and figure out how to save what’s left. Now, back to biography.

The Bad Old Pharma Nasties. In 2004, I broke the NIH Clinical Trial Scandal, the international story of hundreds of New York City orphans used by government agencies and pharmaceutical companies in deadly AIDS drug trials. I was also featured in the 2009 award-winning documentary “House of Numbers.” (But, don’t watch it, it’ll only make you think.)

I have been published by the New York Press, LA Citybeat, LewRockwell.com, Boston’s Weekly Dig, Salvo, Hustler and Guerrilla News Network, among others; I am founder of Reduce the Burden.org. For my work in exposing pharma horrors, I was generously libeled on the front page, Sunday national edition, of the New York Times, which serves the same petrochemical masters as all media (you can read about it in Ch.6 of “Official Stories.”)

Other works: co-author of “Summer of ’74,” “The ‘true’ story of how Star Wars began – in Barstow, CA in 1974,” and co-founder of S74comics.com. The “Official Stories Poster Book,” which is a lot of fun. And “The Geneticals” a comic about the world’s first team of vaccine-damaged superheroes.

I am a regular contributor and fill-in-host on the Robert Scott Bell Show, and a frequent performer in the insanity circus called “YouTube.” My comics and artwork can be found at this site and on the web.

I produced a “maybe-I’ll-finally-wrap-it-up-and-get-it-to-a-festival-one-day” documentary, “Surviving Cedu” about private schools for “troubled teens,” which find their roots in several cult movements of the 1950s and 60s.

I am a vegetarian, (macrobiotic-ish), I’ve traveled widely (though there’s always more to see) and worked and studied in a variety of fields (though there’s always more to learn). My politics are more conservative than neo-lib, more liberal than neo-con, and more independent than either.

I have been an activist for children and adolescent rights and informed consent in medicine, and for governmental and corporate transparency (honesty). But to what end? All government, all pharma, all corporations serve the power source that built the technocratic 20th/21st Century. Nothing can get in the way of the flow of oil to the major military powers in the world. It’s just that simple.

Growing up in a family of doctors and researchers, medicine was the family language and business, and I became aware of its changing nature, and the often vast distance between the internal conflicts of current research, and the carefully crafted public pronouncements – a distance that has grown immense in the last two decades.

I am the great-grandson of Milton C. Winternitz, first Jewish Dean of Yale Medical School, who didn’t keep the faith; the grandson of Jane and Robert Mellors, who helped invent the field of cancer retrovirology, which led to the broken sciences that I have often fought against.

I am also the great, great grandson (one of many) of inventor, traveler, Shakespearean (or, De Verean) actor, ship builder, carpenter, electrical engineer, and follower of Sufi Islam, Thomas Augustus Watson, co-inventor of the telephone. Although, he apparently spent his telephone money liberally, and it was not around when I was coming up. Ah, well…

What is Dogma?

The standard dictionary definition goes something like this: “An authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true.” The trouble with dogma is that it gets in the way of discovery, suppresses inquiry, and stifles growth. Human beings accept dogma as a default position, though secretly doubt most of the edicts of their particular era. The inherent freedom of the era, determined by historical, political and resource factors, governs how mentally free a society is permitted to be.

Are Conspiracies Real?

As real as a handshake. “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” – Adam Smith, author of “The Wealth of Nations” (and a truer founder of this country than either Washington or Jefferson).

“The arguments for a conspiracy theory are indeed often dismissed on the grounds that no one conspiracy could possibly control everything. But that is not what this theory sets out to show. [It’s not that] modern history is the invention of an esoteric cabal designing events omnipotently to suit its ends. The implicit claim, on the contrary, is that a multitude of conspiracies contend in the night. Clandestinism is not the usage of a handful of rogues, it is a formalized practice of an entire class in which a thousand hands spontaneously join. Conspiracy is the normal continuation of normal politics by normal means.“ – Carl Ogelsby [Read all about it]

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  1. Mr. Scheff, I am working on my Master’s in social work and have been interested in residential programs for youth for a while. I have seen the Mt. Bachelor Academy rise and fall and while looking up information on that I found your cedu documentary. I found it very interesting and ad on what you and thousands of other youth had to go through and still have to go through. Through looking up cedu on youtube I also found old promo videos as well as a trailer for the short “Brainwashed” by another former cedu student who was also featured on your documentary. I received the link from her to watch it and was amazed by her story. Thank you for sharing your experience. If you have any other information about documentaries or shorts regarding the ‘troubled teen industry’ I would love to know about them. Thank you for raising awareness to this important issue.

    • Laura. I am a former mba graduate and am far along in the process of writing my own book about the experience. I have alot of information and my very detailed account if your still interested. Yes it was brainwashing and i am surprised to come to the conclusion that mba was particularly intensive for this Era of program.
      I would also be very interested in what you’ve uncovered in your masters work.

  2. “Science, religion. Same purpose in so many ways”.

    BOTH are dogmatic. The religious folks already seem to know that religion (maybe not their OWN personal religion, but the next door neighbor’s) is dogmatic. The science folks are generally in denial about science being dogmatic. ;-}

  3. “What to do? Leave the deserts, grow food, plant gardens, learn natural water systems…”

    Hope you don’t mind me commenting as much as I do. But I SO AGREE with so many of your perspectives and points of view on current subjects/dilemmas.

    There are some REALLY COOL people out here who’ve been in positions of power that agree with you as well. I love the fact that Jesse Venture (a politician from my home state) and you seem to agree on certain subjects and points of view. I also know a local politician, here in Washington state that’s quite on board with knowing and understanding how dark and insidious government agendas are/can be.

  4. Liam, your head is a universe unto itself. You are a unique delight to read! Dan, I think you are right about religion being dogmatic, for the most part. Most are rather set up to be! I disagree that science is dogmatic at its core. Many science disciplines have become exactly that, however, tar-and-feathering all colleagues who dare to think for themselves or use the scientific method in an “unorthodox” manner, if you will. AND… technology, in many cases, while surfing under the name of science, is ambition/greed unbridled…and paying little attention to context within which it operates.

  5. Hi Liam
    Just heard your 2014 interview with John B. Wells. Very, very nice!
    Thanx for getting this information out there!
    One minor point in which you may be interested. Remember Pasteur v Bechamp, the latter of whom is reported to have said “it’s the terrain, not the micro-organism that causes the disease”?

    That’s exactly the case with HPV; it cannot cause cancer all by itself, it appears be allowed to do so by an environment (Bechamp’s “terrain”) in which the ratio between 2-hydroxyestrogens and 16 alpha hydroxestrogens is skewed in favor of the 16-alpha variety. Lots of research about this. This same skewed estrogenic ratio also “allows” HPV virus to cause respiratory polyps to proliferate, sometimes to the point of cancer. Sufficient research on these points. If you’d like citations, can send.

    Interesting you learned Latin, presumably in high school. Did so also; has been the help you noted.

    j v wright

  6. Liam, I am pleased that I found you. Already, you are my younger brother.

    My Statement
    I do not believe in external demons and spirits, ghosts, astrology, “angelology”, nor prayer to gods or other projected imaginary entities. I do not think death of the body and personality needs survival. I do think that the universe is alive and that there is a conscious purpose and aim for All and Everything ( maybe it could be called God). For a human being, the true purpose and aim is to become a Conscious Being with a Conscience (most are missing the mark).

    Evidence is accumulating that indicates a very different origin and history of humanity than that held by “educated cultural authorities”. The theory of evolution as it is promoted does not adequately explain the human creature. Like religion, established science is blind to evidence that does not conform to its established world view and the economic and political structures that maintain this world view.

    My food is not obtained through violence to fellow animals. This has made all the difference for me. Health, security, and vitality do not come from cannibalistic violence, only suffering, fear, and death. Look at the human world….it breeds violence, eats the product, and lives violently. There is another way, a life-affirming way…a conscious way.

    I have compassion and pity for those caught in ignorance, poverty, misfortune and helplessness, but that does not mean I think I can help them by maintaining their condition. Help can only be provided by showing others that there are other ways if they are able to look.

    I do not identify with past nor present cultural systems, whether religious, political, or social. I fully accept that to experience for oneself, to think for oneself is a lonely position. This responsibility is earned at great expense. Yet, it is more worthwhile than tribal belonging if one aims for understanding and reality).

    I do not hold that all opinion, all thought, all experience is equal. Some ideas and attitudes are valuable to life and health, and some are destructive. It depends on the great variety of circumstance and what is valued. Human reason functions only when free from superstition and conditioned thinking. Reason requires a conscious presence of being.

    I observe that humanity is on a destructive course, driven by unbalanced extravagance, greed, lust, and all forms of selfishness. The low and dark position of humanity is not improved by the explosion of scientific and technological new knowledge. Technology and materialism are not the problem…it is their misuse. There is no conscious force, no ethical entity in charge of the rampant worldwide machinery. It is cancerous, but could be cured by a sufficiently evolved segment of humanity.

    Unconscious humanity only changes when it is forced. It will change or perish. An individual has an opportunity to change consciously when awakened to the true situation. Most prefer sleep and dreams to escape the truth.

    The greatest problem for humanity is ignorance, superstition, false vanity and pride and the structures that maintain them such as “institutional education” (which always maintains a narrow, cultural world view), tribal identification, and other cultural enforcers.

    If you do not subscribe to cultural programming, you are in the company of a very few pioneers alive today. ( There have been others in the past). I greet you and offer my hand to you.

  7. HI Liam,
    I don’t know who you are. Haven’t seen you before.

    I just watched your comments on the sun and how nasas been lying.
    You must watch the video “electric Sun” in the cosmic disclosure series by whistle blower Corey Goode on Gaiam TV.

    You need a paid subscritption to watch that stuff probably. I’ll be happy to provide you my username/password for now. Get back if interested.


  8. Liam. Would love to hear from you. I attended Northwest Academy in 2004. I’ve buried that memory for a long time and would love to chat about it.

  9. Dear Liam
    I saw a long video on AIDS, to which you contributed with many others.
    I think I can communicate someting important and new about AIDS.
    Unfortunately I have no communication skillful.
    Can you help me?
    Best Regards

  10. Hi there,

    Just wanted to send you a quick note after stumbling upon your site and enjoyed your content.

    I also noticed you’re linking to one of My Squarefoot Graden’s articles (at http://www.honeysucklelife.com/2012/03/09/garden-planning-resources/), which covers exactly the same topic I covered in one of the articles I posted recently.

    Small world! :)

    I put in a lot of effort to make my article the most comprehensive on this topic out there and I hope it shows! Would love for you to check it out quickly and let me know what you think.

    You can read it here: http://www.loyalgardener.com/square-foot-gardening-the-ultimate-how-to-guide/

    If you think it would be something your followers would be interested in, I’d love it if you’d be willing to add a link to my article on your page.

    In return, I have already gone ahead and sent an email about honeysucklelife.com to my subscribers!

    Let me know what you think and thanks for your consideration.

    Warm regards,

    George Gerona
    Loyal Gardener

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