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The Liam Scheff show: Please join me as I deconstruct man and mind-made societal constructions, from religion to science, from “Official Stories” to “The Oil Alarm,” mapping the course of Imperial America all the way to our coming, radioactive, Glyphosate-soaked new Dark Ages. Along the way, I’ll ponder permaculture and a more communal, functional way to live…

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Wednesdays 9-11PM (EST) on and Fridays 5-7 (EST) on TruthFrequency  Archives at UCY (lower left on the page).

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  1. What?! GMO’s abundant in our food, yet the manufacturers of all that food aren’t proud enough to let us ALL know?

    WTF?! You’re not letting us liberals off the hook, either!? I’m CERTAIN that Paul Newman would NEVER not let us know that there were genetically-modified ingredients in his products! Or Barbara’s, for that matter! And I’ll be totally honest with you…I have that ACTUAL cereal in my cabinet right now! I’m not kidding, and I’m not proud! But this GMO thing is so insidious, and so, already deeply imbedded into the food we eat.

    Monkey balls?

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