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Astronomy and Plate Tectonics

This investigation is expanded in Chapters 9 and 10 of “Official Stories”

A Story-Telling Species

Open a science textbook, and you will be greeted by this notion:

“First there was nothing…which exploded, or expanded, and became everything.”

This is called “big bang theory.” But it is not a theory. It fails the tests of what a true ‘science’ demands – it is not testable, reproducible or observable in experiment. It fails its own predictions.

It is, in sum, not a scientific idea. It is, in fact, a myth. And it sits in the throne at the head of the sciences – the Queen of the Sciences – astronomy. This rotten idea oozes downward through the layers of science beneath it – physics, chemistry, biology – covering all of what remains in dreck and confusion.

Why does a myth reside where a science should live? Why is there a “big bang theory?”



This investigation is expanded in Chapters 8 and 11 of “Official Stories”

What is Life?

Evolution is an answer to a question – or an attempt at an answer. The question is: “What is the origin of life?”


Religion and Myth

Religion is myth that thinks it’s history. Myth is the most ancient story that is always told as though it is new.


The AIDS Investigation

The AIDS investigation is expanded in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories”

The related Vaccination investigation is expanded in Chapter 5 of “Official Stories”

Question: Is the AIDS industry honest?



Monogamy, marriage, coupling, partnering, sex, romance, fidelity, children; tribalism, agriculture and society; what do these have in common? They are intrinsic to our human nature, they bond and bind and create us, and we create them. After the cultural earthquake of 10,000 years ago, the dawn of agriculture – of staying in one place and accruing land, stored food, objects, animals and people – our relationship structures were radically altered. After 240,000 years of being tribal nomads, moving with the seasons, we plunked down in one place, bound the woman to the house, the house the to King, and we began to inhabit a new and rather uncomfortable dynamic.



The 9/11 investigation is expanded in Chapter 4 of “Official Stories.”

The related American History, CIA and JFK investigations are expanded in Ch. 1-3 of “Official Stories.”

We will proceed with this argument: 9/11 was an event manufactured to lever the compliant, often brain-dead and easily manipulated Western and U.S. population into a prolonged, generations-long, permanent imperial occupancy of the oil-rich Middle East.

Do you have questions about the events of 9/11?



This investigation is expanded in Chapter 7 of “Official Stories”

How did a man, untrained in the languages of Europe,  with no grammar school education on record, and no further training in the arts of law, letters and language; who, upon his death was found not to own a single piece of the works of the man we call “Shakespeare” – not a poem, manuscript or play – how did this man, “Will Shagsper, Shakspere or Shakspear” write the greatest plays in the English language, using over 30,000 words, coining hundreds of words and expressions that survive to this day? Answer: he didn’t. He was a front man in a dangerous time for political sentiments expressed in the truly biographical works of the man, or men, who truly wrote “Shakespeare.”

The Oil Alarm: Grow Food Now

We live at the peak of the petroleum age, digging up every square mile of land for a little more oil. We’re ruining our water, soil, air and land – but we won’t stop. We’ve got a looming nuclear disaster staring at us across the Pacific, but we don’t want to talk about it. And just on the other side of the oil peak, we’re fearing a steep decline in the energy that’s built our society.

Our world has metamorphosed and metastasized because of the surfeit of nearly “free energy” given to us by oil in the 20th Century.

What will the future of energy look like? How can we figure our way out of this mess today? Can we? How do we build a society that isn’t based on the total destruction of our environment? We’ll search for answers together on “the Liam Scheff Show.” Listen | Follow on Facebook

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